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Enjoy the Bounty of a New Jersey Summer

Disconnect & Get in Touch With Nature

Don’t wait for vacation to begin before you unwind and enjoy the delights of summer. New Jersey residents are blessed with easy access to parks, museums, live sports events and the great outdoors, so take a break from streaming entertainment and awaken your senses with real HD experiences.

Healthier Entertainment Alternatives

Your entire family may enjoy binge-watching Netflix or challenging the latest video game, but recent studies show that, without moderation, these activities can produce the same addictive responses as drugs and gambling. They also result in a sedentary lifestyle that may lead to weight gain, heart disease or diabetes.

This summer, consider limiting screen time for the whole family. Plan your weekend and evening activities outdoors at nearby parks and open spaces. Hunterdon County has an abundance of parks and wildlife areas offering spectacular scenery and family-friendly facilities. Take a sunset hike or bike along the Musconetcong River, plan a weekend picnic or fishing outing to Spruce Run Recreation Area, or spend a night stargazing at Voorhees State Park.

For a trip back in time, explore New Jersey’s past at Red Mill Museum or the historic Samuel Fleming House. On the way, stop at a local farmers’ market to buy New Jersey produce for a healthy cookout.

Explore the Abundance of NJ Produce for Summer Meals

Takeout meals and microwave dinners may be convenient, but they are loaded with fat and salt. This summer, make mealtime a family activity and rediscover the flavor (and superior nutrition) of garden-fresh foods. After all, New Jersey’s reputation as the Garden State is well deserved. This time of year, fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful at grocery stores and roadside stands alike. For convenience, these freshly grown foods are often cleaned, pre-prepped and paired with marinated entrees ready for grilling, so it’s an easy way to treat your family to fresh flavors and wholesome nutrition.

Try Gardening for Even More Benefits!

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a proven way to make sure your family is eating well, but the benefits of gardening don’t stop there. Experience these unexpected rewards of tending a family garden:

  • Built-in exercise
  • Lower blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Sense of well-being
  • Reduced depression
  • Common purpose
  • Sense of pride

If a full-scale garden is too much for your busy lifestyle or your space, plant a container garden. You’ll have fresh, organic tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and onions all summer long.

Extend Outdoor Living With Exterior Lighting From Maglio

Once your family discovers the pleasures of being outdoors during summer, they may not come inside! Outdoor LED lighting is an economical way to illuminate your deck, basketball court, garden or pool so family activities can continue well past sunset. Call Maglio Electric today at 908.735.6218 to learn about exterior lighting choices, or schedule a lighting installation that enhances family time and summer entertaining options.

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