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Fall Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Enjoying Outdoor Living All Year Long

As fall arrives in New Jersey, it brings cooler temperatures, shorter days and longer nights. If you’re like most residents, you aren’t ready to give up patio parties just yet. Instead, prepare for the inevitable season change with stylish and efficient lighting options that ensure your backyard remains a beautiful and functional gathering space, year round.

Add a Touch of Class with Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a more sophisticated alternative to the harsh look of bright floodlights. A wrought-iron design complements traditional decor, while sleek stainless steel is ideal for contemporary tastes. For added flexibility, choose a wall sconce with an adjustable base, which allows you to direct the fixture upward for ambient light or down for sharper, more direct lighting.

Use Wall Washing or Grazing to Your Advantage

Wall washing and grazing are techniques that add visual punch to your patio without installing wall art or a fresh coat of paint. Wall washing provides a wide swath of light using fixtures mounted at or above ceiling level. The result is a soft, illuminated gradient that looks warm and inviting. Grazing is similar to washing but uses fixtures placed closer to the wall. This type of installation creates a narrow beam of light that draws attention to interesting textures like stone or brick.

Create a Focal Point With In-Ground Lighting

Keep the focus on your landscape investment by installing in-ground lighting that highlights your favorite features (plants, trees or decorative sculptures). If desired, you can even use in-ground lights to draw attention to your home’s more notable architectural details, like courtyards, nooks or stained glass windows.

Add a Festive Look with String Lights

String lights secured to a post or wall with plastic cable ties are an inexpensive way to add temporary lighting for fall harvest parties and other special occasions. Vintage globe lights, exotic mini lanterns, and delicate twinkling fairy lights are just a few of the available options. If your outlet layout is inadequate for the look you wish to create, it may be time to invest in an electrical service upgrade to boost the functionality of your outdoor living area.

Let Maglio Electric Handle Your Outdoor Lighting Needs

Effective exterior lighting should provide an inviting space for entertaining while illuminating potential safety hazards. Regardless of which lighting options you choose, safe and licensed installation is a must.

Maglio Electric’s licensed electricians install and inspect outdoor lighting and wiring so you can enjoy the pleasures of a crisp fall night without worrying about the safety of pets, children and guests. Call 908.735.6218 or click here to request an estimate or schedule an outdoor electrical upgrade. For more ideas about outdoor lighting for BBQs, block parties or family gatherings, visit the blog.

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