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Strategic Lighting Schemes for Your Outdoor Space

While there are many unique project possibilities for the summer season, exterior lighting adds to your home’s year-round appeal while enhancing security and boosting value. Exterior lighting can be used in a wide variety of ways: it can accent architectural features, add to outdoor ambiance, and provide strategic crime prevention.

If you’re looking for exterior lighting design ideas, here are a few favorite ways to brighten up your outdoor space:

Illuminate Your Landscape

Landscape lighting adds effects ranging from the subtle to the dramatic. Popular landscape illumination options include:

  • Path lighting for walkways, driveways & outdoor gardens
  • Accent lights that draw attention to attractive architectural features
  • Exterior sconces, up lights, down lights & backlights for bold directional effects

Maglio Electric’s residential service team can help you choose exterior lighting products that match your home’s exterior design elements and enhance its outdoor features.

Practical Options for Outdoor Features

If you have a patio, outdoor hot tub or swimming pool, the right lighting makes a world of difference. Boosted safety is an added benefit of these strategies; you’ll reduce the amount of dark space in your yard while helping hot tub users and swimmers find their way more easily after nightfall. If you’re planning to upgrade or refurbish your swimming pool, the Maglio Electric team is also pleased to offer affordable pool inspections that ensure your family’s safety.

Security Lighting

Home security experts stress the importance of lighting as a crime deterrent, since thieves and prowlers rely on the cover of darkness. The brighter your home’s exterior, the more likely they are to seek an easier target. Motion-sensitive lights are one of the most popular options for improved security, since they provide effective and reliable coverage without bloating your electricity bill. Down lights and floodlights are also excellent solutions, particularly around windows, doors, and garages.

Contact Maglio Electric for Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Maglio Electric has earned a reputation for service excellence in New Jersey, and we are pleased to provide a comprehensive suite of residential lighting services for our valued clients. To arrange a consultation or inquire about outdoor lighting installation, call 908.735.6218 or contact us online today!

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