Swimming Pool Bonding & Grounding

Swimming Pool Bonding & Grounding Tests in NJ

Maglio Electric Helps You Comply With State of New Jersey Pool Regulations

Public swimming pools, hot tubs and spas that are improperly bonded and grounded may cause electrocution or serious injury due to shock. To protect patrons and employees, the State of New Jersey requires pool owners and operators to obtain five-year grounding and bonding tests for their electrical systems. To ensure your public swimming pool opens on time this season, trust Maglio Electric to provide grounding and bonding tests and related electrical repairs. Maglio is a licensed electrical contractor focused on keeping pool patrons safe while minimizing operator liability.

What is a Pool Bonding & Grounding Test?

Though most people think of pool safety as the process of safeguarding guests from falls or drowning, electrical safety is just as critical. In fact, electrical risks are one of the greatest threats to commercial swimming pool safety. Electrical bonding and grounding are essential for protecting pool patrons and employees.

Bonding and grounding systems tie electrical components together into a closed network, directing harmful current away from people and into the earth. When a pool is not properly bonded or grounded, there is a risk that harmful current will escape. If this occurs, swimmers and pool equipment could become dangerously energized.

Maglio Electric’s bonding and grounding test checks the integrity of your pool’s bonding and grounding system to ensure that patrons, employees and pets do not suffer electrical injury. Pool equipment that is not adequately grounded may experience dangerous voltage surges. An experienced trained and licensed New Jersey electrical contractor is familiar with pool, spa and hot tub equipment and knows how to inspect and approve the bonding and grounding system at your spa or public swimming facility.

NJ State Code (PL 1998, c137) for Swimming Pools: What You Should Know

Pool codes safeguard guests from shock hazards while minimizing legal risk for pool owners.

As part of the P.L. 1998, c. 137 supplement to the NJ State Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Act, the State of New Jersey requires public and commercial swimming pool operators to obtain a bonding and grounding certificate issued in accordance with N.J.A.C. 5:23-2:20(e). According to the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Division of Codes and Standards Bulletin 99-1, “Pools, spas and hot tubs are required to have a ‘bonding and grounding’ certificate issued by a recognized electrical testing agency or licensed electrical contractor, and an Electrical Certificate of Compliance issued by the enforcing agency upon satisfactory completion of a visual inspection.”

Benefits of Hiring Maglio Electric Bonding & Grounding Specialists

At Maglio Electric, our licensed electrical contractors are committed to helping you ensure the safety and compliance of your commercial pool, spa or hot tub. In accordance with NJ code, our licensed team provides the following commercial swimming pool services:

  • NJ Pool Bonding & Grounding Requirements Industry-leading NJ pool testing that verifies the integrity of your facility’s electrical system
  • Inspection of pool pumps, lighting, wiring & related electrical connections
  • Expedited or same-day electrical system repairs (as required to pass bonding & grounding tests)
  • Valid NJ pool bonding & grounding certificates required for proper licensing by your local municipality

When performing pool grounding tests in NJ, our technicians utilize fully calibrated, NIST-standardized test equipment. Manufactured by AEMC Instruments, our state-of-the-art ground resistance testing equipment is sent out annually for National Institute of Standards and Technology calibration and certification.  

Schedule a Pool Inspection in NJ

To schedule grounding and bonding tests for your public pool or spa or learn more about NJ’s swimming pool code requirements as they pertain to your facility, call 908.735.6218 or email our team today. Maglio Electric’s NJ pool safety services ensure that you are prepared to provide an enjoyable, compliant environment for pool guests on opening day.

Maglio Electric is New Jersey’s first choice for family-owned electrical expertise. With over 50 years’ experience, owner Anthony Maglio, Jr. and his team of specialists are certified, licensed and trained to deliver competitively priced pool bonding tests for swimming pool facilities across New Jersey. View our service areas or submit your request for pool grounding and bonding tests online.

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