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Your home should be a comfortable space for entertaining, relaxing, and accomplishing your goals. As a family-owned NJ electrical contractor, Maglio Electric emphasizes electrical safety at every project stage. We are a New Jersey mainstay with over three decades of electrical contracting experience, and we dedicate ourselves to completing your residential electrical service on time—and according to budget.

Hiring experienced electrical professionals is a smart home investment. Maglio’s licensed technicians ensure that your living space is safe, comfortable, and productive—and we partner with you to maintain your wiring for years to come.

Residential Electrical Services & Repairs

The Maglio team is comprised of New Jersey’s finest electrical engineers, licensed electrical and solar specialists, installation experts, and building inspectors. Tailoring electrical repairs to your home’s unique wiring system, we offer:

  • Outdoor lighting: Illuminate your deck, patio, or yard with energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions from Maglio Electric. Imagine enjoying your summer nights outside, soaking in the lingering warmth and relaxing in your personal outdoor paradise. Our technicians install, service, repair, and upgrade outdoor wiring and receptacles—so you can unwind on the deck or entertain guests.
  • Hot tubs & pools: Enjoy a luxurious “staycation” in your New Jersey backyard. Our electrical contractors and technicians provide hot tub and pool inspections, grounding services, and lighting solutions—so you can use your at-home oasis any time of day. Contact our team to request an estimate.
  • Service, troubleshooting & repair: Faulty electrical systems are a safety hazard. Maglio Electric’s technicians repair malfunctioning receptacles and provide comprehensive troubleshooting and diagnosis of your home’s power system. Common services include, but are not limited to:
    • Switch repair
    • Outlet repair
    • Electrical short location
    • Lighting maintenance
    • Electrical safety inspections

For answers to FAQs or to learn more about common home wiring problems, tour our education center.

Electric Upgrades for Your NJ Home

If you live in a historic NJ home built before the demands of today’s technology, your electrical needs may override your power system’s capabilities. Inconvenient outlet placement, frequently blown circuits, or poor lighting conditions impact the safety and productivity of your home, but, thankfully, Maglio Electric’s licensed electrical professionals can evaluate and upgrade your home’s wiring.

Here are a few ways to update your home’s electrical system:

  • Upgraded electrical wiring: Updating your home’s wiring and circuitry lowers energy use and may reduce utility bills. Knob and tube wiring was popular in older homes (1880 to the 1940s). With this type of wiring system, electrical wires pass through tubes anchored by ceramic knobs. Knob and tube wiring is outdated and should be replaced with upgrades that are compliant with today’s stringent electrical codes.
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting. Switching from incandescent to LED lighting is another way to upgrade your home’s electrical capabilities. LED is a high-efficiency illumination technology that uses up to 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.
  • Upgraded circuit breakers. If you are tired of tripping circuit breakers every time you plug in a small appliance, it may be time for an electrical upgrade. A tripped circuit breaker indicates that your energy requirements exceed outlet capabilities. A Maglio Electric power upgrade optimizes system safety and allows wiring to keep up with growing power demands.
  • Adding outlets & receptacles. Older New Jersey homes have only one or two outlets in each room—but outlet placement shouldn’t dictate home décor and furniture layout. Maglio home electrical upgrades include an increased number of GFCI receptacles.

Choose Maglio for Your Electrical Service & Repair

From small wiring problems to complex electrical upgrades, our certified technicians are trained and equipped to complete your residential electrical service. Trust our power experts with your family’s safety and comfort by requesting a service call or project estimate.

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“The electricians at Maglio Electric were professional and knowledgeable. They were prompt and did an amazing job solving all my electrical issues. I would highly recommend!” Jan H. Warren, NJ
“Maglio Electric is the best. Family run, supports the community. They are very professional and the quality is top-notch. Not only do I trust them with my house; they also take care of our firehouse.” Dan V. Asbury, NJ