Maglio Electric Is Hiring Electrical Technicians

Maglio Electric Is Hiring Electrical Technicians

Join Our Team of Professional Electricians 

With a tradition of service spanning four decades, Maglio Electric provides residential and commercial installation, wiring repair and safety inspections to Hunterdon County customers. To support our company’s continued growth, we are on the lookout for dedicated electrical technicians to join the Maglio family. Team members benefit from being part of a fulfilling vocation while helping us safeguard the comfort, wellbeing and productivity of our NJ customers.

Reconnecting With the Skilled Trades

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over seven million available U.S. jobs—most of which do not require a four-year degree. Mike Rowe, creator/host of TV’s Dirty Jobs and founder of the Mike Rowe Works Foundation, is working to change misperceptions surrounding skilled labor and help Americans reconnect with this mission-critical part of our workforce.

In a 2018 interview with Forbes Magazine, Rowe said, “In a very general way, our society has fallen out of love with skilled trades. Part of the problem is a myriad of myths and misperceptions that surround the jobs themselves, but the biggest cause is our stubborn belief that a four-year degree is the best path for most people. This cookie-cutter approach to education has pushed an entire generation away from millions of good jobs while driving the cost of college through the roof. The result is a skills gap that gets wider every year and a student loan crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

As baby boomers retire, the country is poised for an all-out labor crisis. A 2018 Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) survey found that 80% of construction firms cannot find qualified craft workers to staff their job sites. For business owners like Anthony Maglio, Jr., this is a daunting reality.

“The most recent Gallup employee engagement statistics were the most positive in years—and they still show that 53% of American employees are ‘not engaged’ in their workplaces. We want our community to understand the value of working in a skilled vocation like the electrical trade,” Maglio, Jr. says. “Our team members enjoy their work. They are challenged daily, and they make competitive salaries. They benefit from a balanced work life that includes interpersonal relationships with customers and colleagues, ongoing training that enhances their skills, and creative problem-solving for an industry that’s always in demand.”

Why Become a Hunterdon County Electrical Technician?

At Maglio Electric, we urge today’s young workforce to consider a career in the electrical industry for several reasons:

  • Vocational challenge. Successful electrical contractors possess an in-depth understanding of wiring installation, safety practices and residential/commercial repair techniques. Maglio’s employees face new challenges every day; no two work days are the same.
  • Personal fulfillment. Family-owned electrical companies like Maglio Electric provide a welcoming, collaborative atmosphere with competitive compensation and benefits. Our team members love working in the field, interacting with customers and establishing a work-life balance that helps their families thrive.
  • On-the-job training. College students may wonder if they will have a job after graduation, but electrical apprentices have the chance to earn a living while perfecting their trade. And, over time, electrical technicians can expand their knowledge and grow their salaries through continuing education and specialty certification options.
  • Job security & earning power. According to, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted an “exploding” demand for qualified electricians in coming years, equating to an anticipated 85,900 new electrician jobs between 2014 and 2024. As one of the most respected trades in the workforce, electrical contracting offers attractive average salaries with avid opportunity for upward mobility.
  • Workplace variety & upward mobility. Throughout their careers, electrical technicians can pursue a variety of specialty paths, including manufacturing, construction, real estate, natural gas, solar/sustainable energy, water supply, automation and more. After mastering their trade, many contractors acquire leadership and management positions or consider business ownership, themselves.

Apply Now: Join Our Family of Electrical Specialists

Maglio Electric is a Hunterdon County mainstay with over 50 years’ experience serving area families. Hiring for character and insistent upon quality, owner Anthony Maglio, Jr. is accepting year-round applications with preference given to applicants demonstrating advanced skill and education (5+ years’ experience).

To learn more about the advantages of joining an electrical vocation—or to apply for the Maglio Electric team—call 908.735.6218. For your convenience, you can also apply online.

Are you considering a career in the electrical industry, manufacturing industry or other skilled trades? Get financial support! Learn more about the Mike Rowe Work Ethic Scholarship Program by visiting

Satisfied Clients

Building Lifelong Relationships

“The electricians at Maglio Electric were professional and knowledgeable. They were prompt and did an amazing job solving all my electrical issues. I would highly recommend!” Jan H. Warren, NJ
“Maglio Electric is the best. Family run, supports the community. They are very professional and the quality is top-notch. Not only do I trust them with my house; they also take care of our firehouse.” Dan V. Asbury, NJ