New Jersey Spa & Swimming Pool Safety

New Jersey Spa & Swimming Pool Safety

Updated: April 5, 2019

Tips for a Fun, Safety-Focused Summer

Private and public swimming pools, hot tubs and spas are gearing up to be the main attraction this summer when New Jersey residents finally embrace the warm weather we’ve waited on for months. Even if swimsuit shopping isn’t at the top of your favorites list, it’s hard to argue with the blissful feeling that comes with soaking up rays on a beautiful NJ summer day.

Before heading to the backyard pool or taking your family to the community pool for a day of summer fun, be sure to discuss pool safety with kids and remember these important pool guidelines.

Essential Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Families

    1. Secure backyard pools with gates or barriers. The Red Cross reports that more than 200 young children drown in home swimming pools every year. To keep unsupervised kids (and pets) away from the water, install a fence that is at least four feet high. The Red Cross also recommends all pool barriers be equipped with a self-closing and latching gate—and that all swimming pools have a properly fitted pool safety cover and an alarm that alerts you to unexpected pool entry.
    2. Keep children closely supervised at home and public pools. NEVER leave children near the pool without a chaperone. The Red Cross recommends that young children and inexperienced swimmers also be outfitted with U.S. Coast-Guard approved life jackets when they swim or spend time around any body of water.
    3. Handle pool chemicals with care. While pool chemicals prevent disease spread and keep pool or hot tub water clear and clean, the improper use, mixing or storage of chemicals is dangerous. Use personal safety equipment (goggles, gloves, etc.) while handling pool chemicals. If you own or operate a public swimming pool, visit the CDC for information about handling pool chemicals, training employees and storing chemicals safely out of reach from patrons and pets. Always close your swimming pool if the recirculation system is not functioning properly, and maintain inadequate ventilation during pool service and repair.
    4. Enroll children and inexperienced swimmers in water-orientation and swimming classes. Search for Red Cross-approved classes near you. Acquiring swim skills could save the life of your child or someone you love. Swim training also gives participants the confidence to enjoy pool time or join other water sports like scuba diving, canoeing, surfing and triathlons.
    5. Get CPR training. Maglio Electric recommends Red-Cross approved CPR and first-aid courses for parents, babysitters and adults who are supervising kids at the hot tub or pool this summer. Tragic accidents can happen in seconds, and CPR training gives you the skills needed to help safeguard swimmers and spa users. The Red Cross’s simulation learning style prepares students for emergencies while giving them a chance to demonstrate learned skills.
    6. Teach children to steer clear of pool and hot tub drains. and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission remind swimmers to be especially careful around pool drains. Suction outlets and swimming pool drains catch the attention of young swimmers—and hair, bathing suits or jewelry can be sucked into these openings. Never swim in a pool without drain covers, and take note of the emergency vacuum shutoff location before entering a home or public spa.
    7. Check the integrity of pool steps and ladders before swim season. Poorly constructed or improperly installed pool entry equipment could lead to falls, injury or even drowning. Always conduct a check of all ladders, stairs and pool equipment and make necessary repairs before opening day.

Maglio Cares About Pool Patron Safety

Did you know Maglio Electric fills many of our springtime hours conducting swimming pool bonding and grounding tests? As a licensed electrical contractor, we partner with community swimming pool operators across New Jersey to ensure their pools’ compliance with the P.L. 1998, c. 37 supplement to the NJ State Uniform Construction (UCC) Act.

Using equipment that is annually inspected and fully calibrated to National Standards of Institutes and Safety (NIST) standards, Maglio Electric’s technicians provide public pool owners and operators with industry-leading pool testing and inspection of pumps, wiring, lighting and electrical connections. We proudly offer the five-year NJ pool bonding and grounding certificates needed for swimming pools to open to the public.

Benefits of Partnering With Maglio Electric for Pool Bonding & Grounding

Swimming pool operators in New Jersey should partner with a licensed, reliable electrical contractor to preserve the safety and compliance of their commercial or community pools, spas and hot tubs. Offering industry-leading pool grounding and bonding tests in New Jersey, Maglio Electric also offers expedited or same-day electrical repairs as required to adhere to NJ swimming pool code requirements.

If you have electrical problems with your home swimming pool, call the Maglio team at 908.735.6218 or email our team to schedule a home electrical inspection that includes your hot tub and pool. Our family-owned electrical company is committed to the safety of New Jersey families and compliance of all swimming pool facilities preparing for this year’s opening pool day!

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