Organizing Students for Dorm Life

Organizing Students for Dorm Life

Tips to Make the Most of Smaller, Shared Spaces

Adjusting to dorm living is a rite of passage. While it can be a memorable part of college life, most students have to learn to live in close quarters and often with one or more roommates.

Downsizing is almost always necessary, but there are ways your student can make a little go a long way and ensure a safe, comfortable space to study and socialize throughout the academic year.

Create a Functional Space for Studying

College means homework, so it’s important your student has an optimal research environment with minimal distraction. Investing in stackable storage bins from places like the Container Store, Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond can instantly eliminate desk clutter and keep books, papers and necessities organized in an easy-access vertical configuration.

Proper lighting is also necessary to your student’s success. To avoid eyestrain and fatigue from reading or staring at a computer screen, choose high-quality, task-oriented lighting options. A recent study by Optics Express suggests that turning on a bright light in a dim room is harder on eyes than using a desk lamp with a lower wattage bulb, such as a 60-watt LED. The study also recommends keeping computer screens on a dimmer setting, similar to the surrounding workstation.

Manage Ambient Noise

College dorms are loud, and everyday noise may lead to a performance loss of 50 percent or more, according to learning expert Helmut D. Sachs. That 50 percent may be the difference between an A and an F! Luckily, there are many noise-reducing or noise-eliminating options available, including white noise machines and apps. When played at a consistent level, they are proven to help mask unwanted sounds.

Keep that Shared Space Safe

With all the devices students use to study and socialize, it’s important to keep electrical safety in mind, especially in small dorm spaces. If there are minimal outlets in the room, add a surge-protected power strip to safeguard electronics. The rule of thumb is to keep electronic devices to a minimum, plugging in no more than a single power strip allows. Don’t overload strips with additional cube tap adapters, as this increases the risk of electrical fires.

There are other solutions to increase power sources. Bed risers now come with standard and USB outlets, creating a convenient way to charge devices throughout the room. In addition to adding more charging options, they lift the bed to increase under-bed storage space.

<h4>Maglio Electrical Services: Keeping Kids Safe, Even Away From Home

As your student heads off to college this fall, Maglio Electric provides handy online tips to prepare them for independent or community living.

Call 908.735.6218 today or click here to request an estimate or schedule an electrical upgrade. For information on dorm room space and safety planning, check out our blog. Maglio is proud to provide resources that helps students prepare for a healthy, exciting year of academic success.

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