Back-to-School Productivity Tips for NJ Families

Back-to-School Productivity Tips for NJ Families

Give Kids a Boost With Good Study Lighting

Childrens and teens in Hunterdon County and nearby communities are heading back to school—and returning home with hours of homework assignments. The transition from summer fun to the school routine is never easy, but this year parents can help students by creating well-lit spaces to enhance study focus and boost homework performance.

Lighting Tips for Better Studying

In an age of e-learning and digital devices, lighting’s key role in effective studying is often overlooked. The right study light reduces eye strain when reading or working online, and it promotes concentration and retention. Here are some tips to consider when choosing lights for work or study areas.

  1. Use natural light. Take advantage of large windows when possible. Place desks or tables to the side of the window, since bright sunlight in front of or behind a work area may be distracting or too bright—causing eye discomfort.
  2. Simulate natural light. Use LED cool-white overhead lighting to mimic daylight. This type of light stimulates the body’s serotonin, helping keep your student awake and on task. Make sure the room’s ambient lighting does not create a glare on work surfaces and computer screens.
  3. Combine lighting types. A combination of ambient lighting and desk lighting works best for most students. Keeping a room well-lit improves student concentration and engagement.
  4. Position task lighting. Choosing a good desk lamp or task light is only part of the equation for effective study lighting. Lamps that cast shadows over reading materials or work surfaces contribute to frustration and ineffective studying. Choose a flexible desk lamp that can be adjusted while working. Be sure to place the lamp on the side opposite your student’s dominant hand, which prevents shadows and improves illumination.

Need More Outlets & Lighting Fixtures? Call Maglio Electric!

Older New Jersey homes come up short on well-placed lighting fixtures and adequate outlets for today’s electronic devices. It’s easy to overload extension cords and plug strips, creating an unsafe and unsightly tangle.

Improve your home’s safety and study environment with an evaluation and electrical upgrade by our licensed electricians. With added lamp plugs and better ambient light, you and your children can create a work/study area that brings out your best. The Maglio pros add outlets, install new ceiling and wall light fixtures and upgrade wiring in homes of all ages. We also update old light bulbs to new, energy-efficient LED lighting.

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