Thank a Veteran This Month

Thank a Veteran This Month

Simple, Meaningful Ideas to Honor Local Vets

New Jersey autumns bring chilly days, family recipe favorites and holiday plans. In the midst of year-end preparations, though, don’t forget to thank local veterans. Officially falling on November 11, Veteran’s Day is observed on Monday the 12th this year. Though it doesn’t make as big a splash as Thanksgiving and Christmas, Veteran’s Day’s appearance on our calendars is a quiet reminder to give thanks for the men and women who have risked their lives protecting our freedom. This month, join Maglio Electric as we honor the sacrifice of NJ veterans.

Easy Ways to Thank a Veteran

  1. Volunteer at a local VA hospital. The closest VA hospital is in Lyons, NJ. Many veterans lack transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, and some would love company during their hospital stays. Even if you only have one day to give, contact the hospital to find out how you can provide companionship or medical transport for local vets.
  2. Treat a veteran to dinner. Show a vet you care by taking him or her to a favorite restaurant, inviting them to your home or offering to bring a home-cooked meal to their house. Contact Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to find out other ways you can serve the veterans in our NJ communities.
  3. Shop for Veteran’s Haven North. This local organization helps veterans transition from homelessness to success. Staffed by medical professionals, vocational counselors and social services professionals, the facility collects day-to-day essentials to distribute to area vets. When you’re grocery shopping for your family, pick up some coffee, toiletries or other items from the Veteran’s Haven North wish list.
  4. Thank veterans using social media platforms. To brighten the days of thousands of veterans, post a thank-you note on Twitter followed by the #ThankYouVets hashtag. Prefer snail mail to technology? Partner with Operation Gratitude to write thank-you notes to recruits, deployed troops, veterans or first responders.
  5. Sponsor an honor flight. Our nation has many beautiful monuments to honor those who have served. Sadly, few veterans can afford to make the trip to see them. Your donation to the Honor Flight Network helps pay for a veteran’s transportation to Washington, D.C. to view these famous tributes. 
  6. Do chores for a local veteran. For those who have been injured in combat, small errands and household tasks may be difficult. Disabled American Veterans matches community volunteers with local disabled veterans to help with grocery shopping, house cleaning and more. Click here to get started.
  7. Attend an event with Project Help. The team at Project Help provides logistic, emotional and financial support to New Jersey veterans. At Project Help events, you’ll meet veterans and support the organization’s fundraising efforts. Past events have included art auctions, coffee meet-ups and more. View Project Help’s events calendar.
  8. Help provide a mortgage-free home to a veteran. Building Homes for Heroes is a charity renovating and building homes for veterans. Your donation to Building Homes for Heroes helps sponsor a needy family’s mortgage-free home.
  9. Support NJ VET2VET. NJ VET2VET is a 24/7 veterans’ helpline that assists vets struggling with the transition to civilian life. Staffed by mental health professionals and retired service members, the helpline team is available to empathize, provide comfort and offer advice in a veteran’s time of need. You can help the facility cover their costs by donating online.
  10. Bring flowers to a local memorial. Our community has several memorials honoring veterans. When you leave flowers at a local monument, you show visiting veterans and family members that their sacrifices are not forgotten.

Donate Energy Savings to a Veterans’ Non-Profit

Looking for ways to save extra cash for your favorite veterans’ organization? Make the switch to LED lighting and donate monthly energy savings to the DAV, NJ VET2Vet or another veteran non-profit. LEDs use up to 75% less energy and offer significant month-to-month savings. Maglio Electric’s licensed Hunterdon County electricians upgrade fixtures, bulbs and outlets to convert your home to LED. To request a no-obligation LED upgrade estimate, call 908.735.6218 or ask for help online.

Happy fall from our Hampton, NJ electrical contractors. Remember to thank a veteran this month!

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