Weathering the Season Changes

Weathering the Season Changes

How to Brighten Your Summer Routine

While some families can’t wait for summer’s arrival, others dread the lack of structure, the oppressive heat and the financial strain of vacations and staycations. Trip and activity planning may be more stressful than rejuvenating—and the pressure of creating perfect memories can derail your fun. If summer 2018 snuck up on you—or it’s been a bit lackluster so far—here are some easy (and economical) strategies to reclaim the warmer months.

  1. Create a summer playlist. Include an eclectic mix of hits from bygone summers, as well as updated tracks perfect for road trips, barbecues and lazy pool days. Blend mellow with up-tempo songs. Mix your genres rather than being a purist. Share your playlist with family or friends so they can add their favorites.
  2. Lower your expectations. That last family getaway before your young adult child moves out of the house doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if the kids are bored now and then. Instead of stressing over creating the “ideal” summer experience, make a decision to enjoy the little moments. Reduce screen time and leave your phone at home. Go for an evening walk, enjoy some fresh produce or catch up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile.
  3. Put down the camera. Photo mementos are important, but have you ever been so worried about capturing a moment that you forgot to experience it? Don’t let your inner photo-bug hijack this summer’s memory making. Instead, soak up the atmosphere, immerse yourself in the sightseeing—and be fully present with the people you love.
  4. Send handwritten notes. Begin each week of your summer by choosing a friend, family or community member you’d like to reach out to, recognize or thank. Thank your local librarian for teaching your children the value of books. Tell your grandma about a valuable lesson she’s taught you. Remind a friend of your favorite things about him/her. While e-communication tends to blend into the technology vacuum we’re confronted with each day, handwritten notes have more permanence. They are more likely to be saved and reread—and to bring unexpected joy to the recipient (and the writer).
  5. Rearrange the furniture. When it’s too hot to go outside, spend the afternoon rearranging the rooms where you spend most of your indoor time. Furniture changes give you a fresh perspective on work, family time and productivity while providing a chance to purge clutter, get organized and catch up on deep-cleaning tasks. As a bonus, indoor air quality and some allergy symptoms improve when you tackle hidden dust and contaminants lurking behind old furniture arrangements.

Summer Lighting Updates Brighten Your Home & Outlook

DIY and professional summer lighting projects add beauty, safety and practicality to your home while freshening up your space. Create homemade jar and bottle lanterns, hang café lights on the deck or patio—or use path and security lighting to define walkways, ward off intruders and keep guests safe.

When it’s time to hire a professional lighting expert, trust the licensed team at Maglio Electric. Serving NJ homes and businesses since 1980, we’re a New Jersey mainstay and member of the industry’s most reputable trade organizations. Schedule a summer lighting consultation today—or start planning for fall and winter lighting before daylight hours wane. Call 908.735.6218 to request an appointment now.

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