Keeping Your Family Safe: Using Your Home Generator

Keeping Your Family Safe: Using Your Home Generator

If the latest New Jersey snow storm has left you without power, a home generator can save the day. Unfortunately, improper generator use is extremely hazardous, leading to electrical shock, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and more. Each year, hundreds of generator-related injuries and deaths are reported, and that number is on the rise as more consumers purchase back-up power sources in preparation for storms and natural disasters.

At Maglio Electric, we are 100% committed to your safety. If you have questions regarding the operation of your home generator system, get in touch with a Maglio team member today. And when it’s time to use your NJ generator, remember the following safety tips:

  • Read the owner’s manual. This document contains valuable information about New Jersey generator installation, operation and maintenance. If you misplace your manual, visit the manufacturer’s website to download a new copy, and store it in a safe, dry place.
  • Never use your generator indoors or in a garage attached to your home or business. Portable generators give off carbon monoxide (CO), which is odorless and colorless. When you fire up your generator’s internal combustion engine, this gas can enter your home or garage, causing headaches, nausea, weakness, chest pain—and even death. ALWAYS use your generator outdoors in a ventilated, dry area where exhaust cannot permeate living spaces through doors, windows or vents.
  • Do not tie your generator into your home’s wiring—or plug it into a home electrical outlet. In some cases, your generator can cause“backfeed” into your home’s power lines, which is then magnified by utility transformers. This type of voltage can lead to serious home electrical damage or generator damage, and could injure nearby utility workers. If a generator must be hard-wired to your home, call on a qualified NJ electrician to install the device. Your electrician will typically install a cut-off switch that removes your home from the power grid during generator use, and will work with the utility company to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.
  • Use a heavy-duty, outdoor-rated power cord with your generator. This cord should have appropriate wire gauge to manage the generator’s power load, and is the best way to power the device while preventing injury or electrical damage.
  • Be careful not to overload the generator. Each NJ portable generator comes with a recommended power rating. Make sure that the total wattage of the appliances you’re attempting to power does not exceed this rating. Overloading the generator may cause appliance damage or could start a fire in the cord, itself.
  • Make sure you have properly grounded your generator. Grounding prevents you from sustaining electrical shock while using a portable generator.
  • Keep an approved and tested fire extinguisher near your generator. In the event of a NJ generator fire, it is important to be prepared.

Finally, remember to keep children and pets away from your electric generator. Generator parts may become excessively hot during use, and could easily burn someone.

Maglio Electric is an authorized Briggs & Stratton and GE generator dealer, and we also provide comprehensive generator maintenance service. To purchase a high-performance backup generator for your home or business, or to schedule a generator service call or maintenance visit, email today or call 908-735-6218. Maglio Electric provides a full range of standby generators NJ and generator services and repairs for homeowners in New Jersey (NJ).

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