Decluttering Challenge 2019, Part I

Decluttering Challenge 2019, Part I

Get a Jumpstart on Spring Cleaning

If you’re feeling discouraged about failed New Year’s resolutions, it’s not too late to reclaim 2019 as THE YEAR of organization and decluttering! In our February and March blogs, we’ll share motivating weekly challenges to help you transform a cluttered, stressful home environment into a welcoming space that brings you peace and productivity. Jump in whenever—and share images of your progress on our Facebook page!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

– William Morris, Writer & British Textile Designer

Benefits of Decluttering

The most important reason for decluttering is not to make your home look #instaperfect; it’s to reclaim a healthy sense of mental and physical space. Many professional organizers, interior designers and minimalists suggest that clutter weighs us down (psychologically and emotionally) while competing for our attention. If this is true, it’s also true that organization and tidying should reduce distractions, improve productivity and lower stress. And, as we rid our homes of unnecessary “stuff,” we’re motivated to work toward other goals that set a positive tone in our homes, schedules and lives. And who doesn’t want that?

Weekly Declutter Challenges

This winter, Maglio Electric invites our (amazing) community of home and business owners to kickstart spring cleaning with these practical, weekly decluttering challenges!

February 1-8: Tame Cords & Cables

If you’re tired of the cable-jumble on your desk or you’ve unwittingly created an unsolvable spaghetti-cord maze, it’s time to take action. Tangled cords aren’t just a tripping hazard; over time, they may lead to electrical shorts that damage electronics or increase fire risk.

  • Start by unplugging every cord and labeling it with masking tape or a cable tag.
  • Adopt an organizational method to tidy and track your cables and cords. This may include repurposing toilet paper rolls, purchasing cable ties or cable sleeves or using Lifehacker’s binder clip method.
  • This is also a great time to protect precious data and electronics by replacing old electrical strips with UL-approved surge protectors. Buy power strips with a “protected” light or “surge protector/surge suppressor” label. (Remember, surge protectors degrade over time, so it’s smart to replace them every couple of years.)
  • Finally, if you rely on multi-outlet electrical strips to keep up with your family’s technology needs, it may be time for an electrical upgrade. Maglio Electric’s Hunterdon County electricians help you manage home power needs by installing more outlets, upgrading circuits or updating your wiring system. To learn more about electrical home maintenance or cord safety and organization, call now: 908.735.6218.

February 9-15: Declutter Pantries & Food Cupboards

Organizing your kitchen pantry makes meal prep easier, keeps healthy foods accessible, and reduces shopping duplication.

  • First, pull everything out of the pantry or cupboard. Dispose of items that have expired.
  • Donate non-expired food that you know your family simply won’t eat. (Visit this website for food banks or charities accepting food donations.)
  • Clean crumbs and spills from shelves; then, organize like items into groups before replacing them in the pantry. Depending on the size of your food storage area, you may opt to organize just one shelf per day, working your way through the week.

February 16-22: Clean Out Medicine Cabinets

Routine medicine storage cleanouts are a vital home safety practice. Since meds break down over time, set a quarterly calendar reminder to purge expired or unneeded prescriptions and OTC drugs.

  • As you go through stored medications, set them aside if they are outdated, discolored or stored in containers without labels.
  • Many medicines have special disposal requirements, so check NJ’s Project Medicine Drop for a drug take-back location near you.
  • When you return items to storage, place medications away from children and pets in a dry, cool space.
  • Visit the FDA website for more direction on disposing of old or unused drugs in your home.

February 23-28: Refresh the Linen Closet

Organized linen closets save you time, look nicer for guests—and help you make the most of scarce home storage space.

  • Weed out towels, sheets and blankets that are discolored or riddled with holes. In the future, purge a set of old towels or sheets whenever you buy a new set.
  • Instead of collecting several comforters, opt for storage-friendly duvet covers that streamline storage and make seasonal updates easy.
  • Looking for places to donate clean, used linens? Call your local animal shelter. Organizations like Jersey Cares use donated sheets and towels as bedding for cats and dogs.

Stay tuned for Maglio Electric’s March decluttering challenges, and call 908.735.6218 to elevate home safety with a 2019 Hunterdon County electrical inspection!

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