Decluttering Challenge 2019, Part II

Decluttering Challenge 2019, Part II

Organize Your Home for a Stress-Free Spring

If you’ve been following Maglio Electric’s weekly organization and decluttering challenges since February, pat yourself on the back for accomplishing these simple-yet-inspiring spring cleaning goals:

  • Tame, organized cables & cords that aren’t an eyesore or tripping hazard
  • A tidy pantry that encourages healthy snacking & simplifies nightly food prep
  • Medicine cabinets that are safe & prescriptions that are easy to find
  • Streamlined linen closets that impress guests & keep bed & bath organized

Weekly Decluttering Challenges

It’s March (already!), and that means it’s time for 4 new decluttering initiatives. Remember, simple spring cleaning tasks like these can improve your mood, freshen-up your home and free you to concentrate better. (Bonus: Housecleaning also makes your home safer and burns calories!)

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.

-Benjamin Franklin

March 1-8: Purge Household Chemicals

If you’ve lived in your home for long, chances are your garage, laundry room and under-sink spaces are filled with scores of half-used cleaning products, weed and bug sprays and cans of paint. Make it your mission to purge and tidy these products—and consider replacing chemical cleaners with homemade, non-toxic cleaning products to save money and protect your family’s health.

  • Gather all household chemicals, cleaners and paint cans and place them in a well-ventilated part of your garage. Wipe down garage, laundry room and under-sink shelves where these items are typically stored.
  • Select products that are still useful and not expired, and return them to their proper place. Remember to store household chemicals in elevated cabinets or behind doors with child-safe locks. (Click here for more kid-friendly chemical safety and storage tips.)
  • Plan to drop leftover household products at the Hunterdon County Waste Cleanup Day, scheduled for March 9 at the Hunterdon County Complex. (Think garden chemicals, interior and exterior paint, drain cleaner, insecticide, paint thinner, antifreeze, pool chemicals and aerosol cans.) Visit the Hunterdon County Solid Waste and Recycling Services website for additional disposal dates and a list of accepted items.

March 9-15: Spruce Up the Game Closet

Many NJ families rely on their game collections to encourage family time and banish the winter blues. When game storage is overflowing, though, it’s time to purge the excess.

  • Sit down with your children and evaluate the game inventory. Keep treasured family favorites and clear out games that aren’t a hit or are no longer age-appropriate.
  • When your favorite games are missing pieces or they’re ready for the donation bin, get creative. Websites like this provide upcycling tutorials that teach you to make jewelry, home decor, keychains and more with leftover game parts.
  • Use to find local charities and organizations that accept gently used toys and games or earn a little cash with very little effort. Games are a big seller on home classified websites like Varage Sale and Facebook Marketplace. When listing your item, request “porch pick-up” to sell items without leaving the house!
  • As a fun alternative, host a neighborhood board and card game swap/potluck dinner. Events like this encourage community and allow everyone to refresh their game collection.

March 16-22: Declutter Old Entertainment, Electronics & Tech Gear

Most NJ households have dozens of unused DVDs and Blu-ray discs, video games, old cell phones and other tech gear lying around. Go room by room, gathering the items you wish to purge. Then, decide whether you’d rather donate, sell or recycle.

  • Take old DVDs, CDs and video games to your local Goodwill or donate them to a senior center or hospital.
  • Donate old cell phones to organizations like Secure the Call, which redistributes the devices to senior centers and domestic violence shelters for 911-only use.
  • If you have the time, check each item’s value on Decluttr, a site that makes it easy to evaluate, mail-in and collect your cash on unwanted entertainment and tech items.
  • Many electronic manufacturers and big-box stores like Best Buy allow you to drop off (or mail in) electronics for recycling. Call ahead for collection details and restrictions.
  • Check the State of NJ’s e-waste disposal listing for large-item collection sites in your county or municipality. Accepted electronics include TVs, DVD and Blu-ray players, printers, fax machines and more.

March 23-31: Clean Out Nightstands & Bedside Tables

Nightstands and bedside tables are a common “hot spot” for books and other reading material, lip balm and lotion, tissues, reading glasses and empty dishes. A clean nightstand improves bedroom functionality and gives you peace of mind as you drift off to sleep. This week, we’re taking 15 quick minutes to tidy our bedside tables and store or toss unused items.

  • Spend five minutes or less throwing away obvious trash like empty chapstick tubes, used tissues, old magazines, etc.
  • Remove everything else from the nightstand (lamp, alarm clock, books or box of tissue) and dust all surfaces. Return frequently used items to their place on the dresser top. or store them in a drawer or nearby basket if they are only used occasionally.
  • If applicable, clean out nightstand drawers. Store items you need most often in the top drawer: electronic chargers, chapstick, tissues, reading light, remotes, etc.
  • Consider making your bedroom a phone-free zone by charging your device in the kitchen or living area.
  • Gather cords to lamps, alarm clocks or white noise machines and twist-tie them to the nightstand leg to avoid a mess of unsightly cables.

Year-Round Decluttering & Household Safety

If this month’s organizational challenges have inspired you to declutter every day of the year, check out the Home Storage Solutions’ website and subscribe for everyday decluttering missions.

If it’s been a while since you’ve focused on household organization and safety, spring is also a good time to schedule routine HVAC and electrical inspections, clean out your dryer vents, inspect your roof and clean the gutters. For more information about household tips, routine electrical maintenance and seasonal electrical chores, visit our Resources section or call 908.735.6218 today! Happy spring from our licensed Hunterdon County electrical team!

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