Making the Switch to LED Lighting

Making the Switch to LED Lighting

Posted: October 14, 2020

After a summer of remote work and stay-at-home play, we’ve had plenty of time to discover our homes’ shortcomings. Here’s a budget-friendly suggestion from Maglio Electric to revive your living, learning, and working spaces with updated style and improved function!

LEDs Light the Way to Better Living

Have you grown tired of the furnishings, windows and walls surrounding you for the past six months? Redecorating could be as simple and low-cost as a fresh coat of paint, new curtains and a throw rug. These simple, affordable improvements give your home a new look, but they don’t improve work and living spaces’ function and productivity. 

Hunterdon County days are growing shorter, making evening light a thing of the past and elevating artificial light’s importance. Why not improve the look and function of your home with light-emitting diode (LED) lighting upgrades? Check out the advantages you’ll enjoy when you exchange outdated incandescent bulbs and fixtures for energy-efficient LEDs.

Lighting for the 21st Century

If blue Christmas strands and utilitarian replacement bulbs come to mind when you think of LEDs, take a fresh look at this popular lighting innovation. LED lights and fixtures are one of the hottest trends in lighting for all purposes─and for good reason.

Trend-Setting Styles to Match or Change Your Decor

When designers discovered the versatility of LED semiconductor technology, it opened the door to endless illumination creativity. From sleek, modern arrays to retro pendants with Edison bulbs, you’ll find an LED light fixture or lamp that’s fashionably functional. Trust LEDs to deliver benefits like these:

  • Eye-catching aesthetics & designs
  • Ambient room illumination & mood lighting
  • Task lighting for any workspace 
  • Accent lighting for art & architecture
  • Lighting of shelves, cabinets & niches

Choices to Fit Hunterdon County Lifestyles

LED options don’t end with lighting style and purpose. Different LED color temperatures serve varying functions in your home, depending on your preferences and lighting needs. Mimic daylight’s crispness, warm up your space or create a sense of welcome with LED upgrades. Tinted lights add color without the need for paint or fabric changes. Directional LEDs focus attention on specific areas or features of your home—without brightening the entire room.

Savings, Savings, Savings

LED lights use far less energy than traditional lightbulbs, elevating your home’s energy efficiency while reducing utility bills. (Click here to find out how much you’ll save by switching to LEDs!) LEDs produce amazing light while remaining cool to the touch. These high-efficiency bulbs use 80 percent less energy and last 10 to 20 years compared to incandescents’ two-year average lifespan. With LEDs, you’ll save money on electricity, replacement bulbs and time required to change your bulbs—year after year. With minimal waste and no toxic mercury, LEDs also safeguard the environment from the harmful impact of other lighting styles.

Inside, Outside & All Around the House

The style, energy savings and customization that make LEDs perfect for home interiors also apply to the exterior of your home. Outdoor LED lighting greets visitors and protects the safety of family and guests. Line driveways or illuminate shadowy corners with motion-sensing LEDs. Accent gardens and exterior walls with color, or string cafe lights around trees and seating areas for whimsy or intimacy. Extend daylight with outdoor LEDs that flood patios, decks or basketball courts with brightness when the sun goes down. When used outside, LED lights give you years of service with lower power costs, less maintenance and exceptional lighting quality.

Make the Switch to LED Lighting With Maglio Electric

When you decide on light-emitting diode fixtures, your home will benefit from the stylish and functional update it needs. Call the Maglio Electric rewiring experts, and we’ll help you upgrade slowly or all at once. Our team ensures the switches, wiring and fixtures you choose will deliver high-quality light output, long service life and a proven return on investment. Before evening daylight fades into winter, call our Hunterdon County electricians at 908.735.6218 or schedule an LED upgrade appointment online now!

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