Code Corrections

Electrical Code Corrections & Visual Inspections

Updating Your Home’s Electrical System

Home electrical inspections are a wise investment for residents preparing to sell, build, or buy a house. Waiting until the last minute to address electrical codes may be problematic, since construction code officials can legally process permit applications up to 20 days after submission. To avoid delaying your real estate transaction, contact Maglio Electric to schedule a comprehensive visual electrical inspection.

Inspection of Home Electrical Codes

With decades of collective experience, our trained and licensed team works to identify code violations and safeguard your family. Depending on your home’s design and layout, an electrical code inspection may include:

  • Main circuit panel inspection
  • Outdoor wire attachment & meter inspection
  • Location of outlets & key fixtures
  • Assessment of wiring
  • Evaluation of electrical supply adequacy

Corrections to Electrical Codes

Electrical codes are established to protect NJ properties and residents, so we advise bringing all wiring and fixtures promptly up to code. After completing a visual electrical inspection, our NJ electricians provide code compliance services that deliver peace of mind and prepare your home for purchase or sale.

Common NJ electrical code violations include:

  • Overcrowded switch boxes
  • Improperly wired fixtures
  • Risk of wire puncture
  • Buried splice boxes
  • Improper outlet or fixture placement
  • Improper mix of line- & low-voltage wiring
  • Objects hung from live wires
  • Incorrect placement of smoke detectors

Schedule a NJ Electrical Code Inspection

To reduce fire risks and protect home occupants, trust Maglio Electric’s licensed electricians with your visual inspection and electrical code corrections.

To schedule an appointment or speak with a member of our team, dial 908.735.6218. For your convenience, you can also request a service call using our brief online form. We are proud to serve NJ and PA home and business owners, and look forward to building a long-term partnership.

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