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Sustainable Power Solutions for Your Home

Maglio Electric is a leading solar contractor specializing in the design, construction and integration of solar systems for NJ and PA residents. Offering safe, eco-friendly power solutions, Maglio Electric fuses innovation with time-tested craftsmanship to provide dependable solar installation and repair. For your peace of mind, our licensed electrical contractors conduct themselves with client-focused professionalism and integrity as your family makes the transition to clean, affordable energy.

Maglio Electric Solar Services

Maglio Electric solar experts are proud to offer comprehensive design, retrofit, installation, and service of residential photovoltaic (PV) systems. Whether your home requires roof- or ground-mounted solar energy in NJ or PA, you can trust our team to provide:

  • Pre-construction consulting & property evaluation
  • Solar system design, installation & commissioning
  • System monitoring & product training
  • Technical service & repair
  • Annual service & maintenance plans

How Solar Technology Works

On a basic level, solar photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into energy. PV cells are made of semiconducting materials enclosed in a framed panel. When sunlight strikes these panels, solar cells release electrons that are collected, converted to AC power, and used to operate your home’s electrical system and devices. If your residential PV system produces more energy than you require, excess power may be returned to the grid and purchased by your utility company. This process is called “net metering.”

Advantages of correctly installed solar systems include:

  • Environmental friendliness. Energy driven by the sun does not produce harmful emissions, so your conversion to solar will reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Sustainability. The sun’s power is free—and cannot be depleted.
  • Cost savings. Solar energy in NJ delivers a proven return on investment. It will significantly lower energy bills by reducing the amount of electricity you typically purchase from local utilities.

Request an Estimate for a Solar System in NJ

To inquire about solar system placement or repair for your NJ or PA home, trust the family-owned experts. Call 908.735.6218 or submit a request online. Our licensed electrical contractors will be in touch promptly to discuss your shift to photovoltaic energy production.

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