Residential Solar Energy

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Powering Your Residence with Clean Energy

As an expert in eco-friendly power solutions, Maglio Electric provides full-service residential energy repairs, maintenance, and installation for homes in areas of NJ and PA. Our photovoltaic (PV) services are a cost-effective way to reduce your home’s energy use while minimizing your environmental impact.

About Maglio Electric Solar Systems

Maglio Electric was founded in 1980 as a premier provider of electrical services. Since then, we’ve expanded our expertise to include solar technology and education. From site evaluation to permitting and installation, our team of PV specialists manages every aspect of your project. For your peace of mind, our solar company in New Jersey also provides affordable repairs and maintenance for existing or retrofit solar systems—so you’ll enjoy years of energy savings and trouble-free performance.

Solar energy is a clean, affordable way to supply your family’s power, heating, cooling, and hot water. When you are ready to make the transition to solar, call on the Maglio Electric experts to provide:

  • Photovoltaic system installation
  • Solar thermal system installation
  • PV system maintenance
  • PV system troubleshooting
  • Solar system repair & inverter replacement

Benefits of Solar Technology for Your Home

Photovoltaic energy production offers many benefits for NJ homeowners:

  • Environmental friendliness: Energy driven by the sun does not produce harmful emissions, so your solar installation will significantly reduce your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Sustainability: Unlike other forms of energy, the sun’s power is free, abundant, and infinite.
  • Cost savings: Your NJ solar system delivers a proven ROI. Converting to solar lowers home energy bills and reduces your reliance on local utilities.

Request an Estimate from Our Solar Company in New Jersey

To inquire about solar system placement or repair for your NJ or PA home, trust the family-owned experts. Call 908.735.6218 or submit a request online. Our licensed electrical contractors will be in touch promptly to discuss the viability of photovoltaic energy production for your electrical needs. 

For more information about the benefits of going solar, or to schedule an in-home solar repair, contact Maglio Electric today. Our electricians deliver professional, affordable PV system service for many NJ and PA residents. View our complete listing of service areas to find out if we serve your neighborhood!

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"Thank you so very much for your quick response to my problems. It certainly reassured my worries and I will always remember and appreciate it. My best to you and yours." Rosemarie Pacella Whitehouse Station, NJ
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