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Pre-Decorating Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the calendar is already crowded for busy New Jersey homeowners. Only a few short weeks remain to prepare for out-of-town guests and gala holiday parties. To ensure your home is safe, bright and convenient for visiting friends and family, organize your holiday preparations with a pre-decorating checklist. Make Safety a […]

Fall Harvest Means Nutritious Food & Family Time

On an early fall drive through the New Jersey countryside, you’ll find roadside produce stands offering an abundance of local fruits and vegetables. Some of these enterprising gardeners have already canned portions of the season’s bounty: marketing preserves, jams and pickles to be given as gifts or enjoyed at family gatherings. Take Advantage of Seasonal […]

Fall Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Enjoying Outdoor Living All Year Long As fall arrives in New Jersey, it brings cooler temperatures, shorter days and longer nights. If you’re like most residents, you aren’t ready to give up patio parties just yet. Instead, prepare for the inevitable season change with stylish and efficient lighting options that ensure your backyard remains a beautiful […]

Organizing Students for Dorm Life

Tips to Make the Most of Smaller, Shared Spaces Adjusting to dorm living is a rite of passage. While it can be a memorable part of college life, most students have to learn to live in close quarters and often with one or more roommates. Downsizing is almost always necessary, but there are ways your […]

Enjoy the Bounty of a New Jersey Summer

Disconnect & Get in Touch With Nature Don’t wait for vacation to begin before you unwind and enjoy the delights of summer. New Jersey residents are blessed with easy access to parks, museums, live sports events and the great outdoors, so take a break from streaming entertainment and awaken your senses with real HD experiences. […]

Summer Fun Is Around the Corner

Is Your Pool Ready? New Jersey’s hottest summer days are quickly approaching, so it’s time to get your pool prepared for family, friends and fun. Ensuring your pool meets the state’s required safety standards is an important way to safeguard swimmers, bystanders, children and pets. While drownings are the leading cause of pool fatalities in the […]

Lighting & Your Lifestyle:

Get Outdoor Spaces Ready for Warm Weather Entertaining As you welcome the longer, warmer days of spring and early summer, now is the ideal time to plan ahead for upcoming outdoor events. Whether you are planning a traditional Mother’s Day patio brunch, a festive neighborhood gathering or an evening barbecue for Father’s Day, creating an […]

Oh, That’s Normal for a Teenager… Or Is It?

When Teen Behavior Is More Than Just “Growing Pains” In the best of times, adolescent behavior is unpredictable, but for New Jersey families busy with finals, end-of-school activities and vacation planning, teen moodiness can be especially puzzling and frustrating. Most parents chalk it up to normal anxiety about prom, relationships, exams and summer plans. After […]

Make Time for Family Time

When March arrives in New Jersey, kids’ activities take on a faster pace. Soccer practice, dance rehearsals, baseball tryouts and dozens of other activities dominate before- and after-school hours—and much of the weekend. Moms and dads with crammed schedules of their own must find extra time to carpool, shop and cheer for their children. With […]

Welcome Spring With an Organized Closet

If the Jersey winter is getting you down, take heart. Spring is right around the corner. In the meantime—while grass and blossoms are still dormant—plan to reorganize your bedroom closet and drawers. With a purged and sorted wardrobe, you’ll get the jump on clutter and make a dent in those dreaded spring-cleaning chores. Organize & […]

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