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Why You Should Always Leave Rewiring to a Professional Electrician

There are a lot of articles floating around the Internet that encourage homeowners to take a DIY approach to rewiring and other complex electrical tasks. While people with significant electrical training and experience can handle simple rewiring tasks around the house, the plain truth is that the vast majority of such jobs are beyond the […]

Important Tips for Hiring a Generator Installer

After purchasing a generator, many homeowners are tempted to try DIY installation in order to save time and money. Unfortunately, generator installation is not easy. There are many technical measures and safety considerations involved, so it’s best to leave installation to the professionals. In most cases, your qualified generator distributor can assist you with installation, […]

Enhancing Your Property with Home Lighting Options

Lighting upgrades offer homeowners one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to improve both the appearance and value of their homes. If you’re looking for a relatively quick and low-cost way of giving your property an impressive makeover, consider the aesthetic and practical merits of lighting options that are safely installed by leading NJ electrical […]

Generators: Your Saving Grace During Inclement Weather

Power impacts every part of our lives, so it’s important to be prepared when natural disasters and nasty weather threaten to disrupt our daily schedule. To protect your ability to heat, cool and light your home, cook your meals, manage laundry and care for your family, consider a trusted standby power source. At Maglio Electric, […]

Radon Protection

Preserving Life & Health with Radon Fans Causing thousands of annual deaths, radon is a radioactive gas that is undetectable by taste or smell. Produced by the radioactive breakdown of uranium present in water, rocks and soil, radon can enter any building and contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality. In fact, the U.S. Surgeon General […]

The Importance of Outlet Covers

Keeping Your Child Out of Harm’s Way Exposed power outlets can be a great threat to children, so Maglio Electric encourages parents to cover all power outlets. By nature, children are inquisitive and will poke, prod and touch anything within an arm’s reach. If your outlets are left uncovered, a playful gesture from a child […]

How to Prevent Dryer Fires

Keep Your Family and Pets Safe by Avoiding Dryer Fires Studies show that 12,700 dryer fires occur yearly, resulting in 300 injuries. To protect your family and pets, follow these easy guidelines. ALWAYS clean lint filters with every dryer load. To eliminate hard-to-reach lint, use a vacuum or lint brush. Clean underneath and behind your […]

First place to call for a TV cable fix

At Maglio Electric, they provide great service and care for your electrical needs. They are New Jersey’s trusted electrical and solar experts. Why not try them out? With the great services you deserve for your home, Maglio provides you with affordable prices for New Jersey’s homeowners and businesses. When your TV cable is broken, do […]

Go green light bulbs–why it’s better not only for the environment but also for your home

Going green and changing the world is by using less electricity and gas. One less way to go green is by using the fluorescent light bulbs. This light bulb saves more electricity than any light bulbs, it not only does great changes for the environment but for your home as well. Did you now that […]

Energy-Efficient Cooling with Home Ceiling Fans

Your NJ home can heat up quickly in the summer, making your family hot, humid and miserable from June to September. Call upon your local electrical contractor to install ceiling fans throughout your home—and enjoy an affordable measure of relief when the mercury rises. Ceiling fans, when installed properly and safely, can (1) cool down […]

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