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Go green light bulbs–why it’s better not only for the environment but also for your home

Going green and changing the world is by using less electricity and gas. One less way to go green is by using the fluorescent light bulbs. This light bulb saves more electricity than any light bulbs, it not only does great changes for the environment but for your home as well. Did you now that […]

Energy-Efficient Cooling with Home Ceiling Fans

Your NJ home can heat up quickly in the summer, making your family hot, humid and miserable from June to September. Call upon your local electrical contractor to install ceiling fans throughout your home—and enjoy an affordable measure of relief when the mercury rises. Ceiling fans, when installed properly and safely, can (1) cool down […]

The Importance of Using UL Listed Materials in Electrical Installations

As summer approaches, the Maglio Electric team would like to remind you that May is Electrical Safety Month: a great time to put electrical safety tips into practice throughout your home! One of the most important safety tips home owners should heed is to use UL Listed or UL approved electrical materials in their home […]

Caring for Your Smoke Detectors

Installing smoke detectors is one of the simplest things you can do to protect your home from electrical fires. A smoke detector alerts you to the potential dangers stemming from faulty electrical wires, and can help lead your family to safety. Proper smoke detector care ensures that devices function properly when they are needed most. […]

Keeping Your Family Safe: Using Your Home Generator

If the latest New Jersey snow storm has left you without power, a home generator can save the day. Unfortunately, improper generator use is extremely hazardous, leading to electrical shock, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and more. Each year, hundreds of generator-related injuries and deaths are reported, and that number is on the rise as more […]

Prevent Ice Damming with De-Icing Cables

Temperamental New Jersey winters can wreak havoc on your roof, leading to ice dams and a range of repairs. To protect your NJ roof from persistent ice dams, consider installing de-icing cables along areas of stubborn ice buildup. What Is An Ice Dam? Ice dams occur during repetitive cycles of freezing and thawing. As snow […]

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