Playground Safety

Play It Safe When You Play Outside

The playground is a fun place to explore, exercise, and make new friends, but accidents can happen. To avoid getting hurt and keep your friends safe, remember these simple safety tips when you visit the park.

  • Be careful and show courtesy to others. There is no place for pushing, shoving, tripping, or fighting on the playground. Take turns, keep mean words to yourself, and treat other children with kindness.
  • Ask adults for help. Teachers, parents, and playground attendants are there to help if you get hurt, notice a bully on the playground, lose a ball in the street, or find a piece of broken equipment.
  • Follow the rules. If your teacher or parent gives you playground guidelines, it is because they are concerned for your safety. Follow the rules and remind your friends to do the same. Examples include:
    • Play on equipment that is “just right” for kids your size.
    • Take turns on the slide, and never push your friends!
    • Do not walk up the slide—especially when people are sliding down. Do not go down the slide backward; you could hit your head.
    • Sit up straight when you swing. Don’t twist the chains or jump off the swings.
    • Avoid walking in front of moving swings and other objects.
    • Do not stand or sit on top of high bars.
    • Make sure the slide is a comfortable temperature. Metal can get hot on spring and summer days.
    • Hold onto the handrails on swings, slides, and jungle gyms, and climb steps slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t play on wet equipment. If it is raining, choose another activity instead of climbing on slippery ladders or monkey bars.
  • Watch what you wear. Long skirts, scarves, or loose-fitting clothes can trip someone or get tangled on equipment, and flip-flops or slip-on shoes are not safe for climbing. Avoid baggy clothing and always wear supportive sneakers or athletic shoes that are tied securely.
  • Be a role model for younger children. If you are an older child, it is your responsibility to watch out for smaller kids. Avoid climbing on the toddler play set or jumping off of equipment when small children are nearby, and teach younger kids to follow the rules by following them yourself.
  • Don’t throw sand, rocks, or wood chips. Hitting someone in the head or the eye can be dangerous—and may even cause a trip to the doctor. Keep these objects on the ground where they belong.
  • Drink plenty of water. If you didn’t bring your water bottle, drink water before and after you head to the playground.

Don’t talk to strangers. It’s great to make friends on the playground, but you should tell teachers or parents if a stranger tries to talk to you or asks you to do something. And remember, it is never a good idea to leave the playground with someone you don’t know!

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