Power Outage Tips

Power Outage Tips

Restore Comfort During Unpredictable Conditions

More than just an inconvenience, lengthy power outages impact the productivity and wellbeing of your home and workplace. Outages can occur at any time, but they are especially common during storm seasons and natural disasters. Advance preparation helps you cope with outages while remaining safe and productive.

Critical Safety Steps for an Outage

  • Monitor body temperature. Dress in warm layers to prevent loss of body heat during cold weather, and drink plenty of fluids to maintain a healthy body temperature when it is hot.
  • Check with your local utility to ensure that water is safe to consume since the filtration system may not work properly during an outage.
  • Report downed power lines by calling 911 or your local utility. In the meantime, keep your family and pets away from downed lines and nearby objects. Trees, branches and poles conduct deadly levels of electricity.

Additional Outage Safety Procedures

Be Smart Around Electronics & Power Equipment

  • Unplug sensitive electronics and turn off electrical equipment.
  • Unplug appliances that were in use when the outage occurred to prevent power surge damage.
  • Leave a single lamp or light on to alert you when power returns.
  • Use a standby generator to safely power appliances and other necessary equipment.

Take Food Safety Precautions.

Foodborne illness is dangerous. If power is out for over two hours, throw away food that did not stay cooler than 40°F. (Use a quick-response digital thermometer to assess food temperatures.) To learn more about preventing food spoilage and avoiding costly waste, read these food safety tips.

Understand Carbon Monoxide Safety.

It’s no exaggeration: carbon monoxide kills. Remember:

  • Always use generators, grills, and other propane or charcoal appliances outdoors and away from windows and doors. Using these devices in your garage, crawlspace, basement or other enclosed area puts you at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of your home. Regularly test them for proper functionality and replace them every few years per manufacturer recommendations. If your CO alarm goes off, leave your home and move to an area with fresh, ventilated air.
  • Call for help once you have relocated to a safe place. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms can sneak up on you, so it’s important to be assessed by emergency personnel or physicians after potential CO exposure.

Use Generators With Caution. 

A standby generator is a major benefit during outages, but it can be dangerous if improperly installed or used. The Red Cross provides comprehensive tips on how to use your generator safely, and Maglio technicians install generators and provide comprehensive usage training. Contact our team of experts to schedule generator guidance or request generator maintenance.

Create an Emergency Kit.

Prepare an outage/storm safety kit that contains essentials for an extended outage. Items include bottled water, first aid kits, non-perishable foods, battery-operated flashlights and radios, candles, blankets, batteries, and more. Remember to include prescription medications and other necessary medical equipment.

Travel Safely.

Avoid unnecessary travel, since streetlights and traffic lights may not be functioning properly. For prolonged outages, it may be necessary to travel to other regions to stay with relatives, purchase groceries and generator fuel, etc. Take blankets, a first aid kit, snacks, and a cell phone with you when you leave, since outages and disasters lead to unexpected roadway problems.

Contact Family & Friends.

Your family and close friends will want to know you are safe during a disaster or major storm outage. Visit the American Red Cross Safe & Well website to register your family and update them about your welfare. You can also search for loved ones on the site.

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