NJ Public Pools Open for Summer Fun

NJ Public Pools Open for Summer Fun

Updated: July 9, 2020

Families Hit the Water—With Caution

After months of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, New Jersey is finally reopening for business and summer recreation. For families up and down the I-78 corridor, NJ public pools and aquatic centers offer a welcome respite from summertime heat (and the shutdown blues).

Before making a splash at your favorite water park or recreation center, remember to visit the facility’s website for hours of operation, health precautions and social distancing guidelines.

Aquatics & Pool Safety in a Pandemic

To keep hospitality and recreational venues safe and compliant with NJ pandemic requirements, public pools and water parks in Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren Counties ask patrons to wear masks and social distance when they are outside the water. Pool operators also follow specialized sanitation and capacity regulations designed to slow virus spread and maintain public health.

Avoid These Common-but-Scary Swimming Pool Hazards Couple enjoying water slide

To ensure a fun and hazard-free swimming experience, area pools should continuously monitor their facilities. In addition to keeping COVID-19 precautions in mind, families should put guardrails in place to prevent these safety hazards:

DROWNING & INJURY: Each year, over 300 drownings and 6,000 spa- and pool-related injuries are reported in the U.S. Hotels and motels, apartment and condo complexes, fitness clubs and public pools post safety rules that include close supervision of young children and new swimmers. The CDC also recommends avoiding the pool if you have been under the influence of alcohol.

CONTAMINATED WATER: Commercial and public pools use chlorine to control water contaminants, but chlorination is not a failproof solution. Staff must regularly check and adjust chemical levels to minimize reactions like eye irritation, rashes or asthma. For better protection, most public pools encourage swimmers to shower before entering the water. Pool operators also monitor spas and pools for harmful bacteria that lead to waterborne disease.

ELECTRICAL SHOCK: Faulty wiring, incorrectly installed pool lights or electronic devices used in close pool proximity may result in waterborne electric currents and risk of electrocution. To prevent serious injury to swimmers and pool employees, the state of NJ and local municipalities mandate code requirements for grounding and bonding inspections at commercial swimming pools, hot tubs, water play venues, recreation centers and public swimming facilities.

Is Your Seasonal or Year-Round Public Pool in Compliance?

During the COVID-19 shutdown, did you drain your pool or disconnect your hot tub to save energy? Did you schedule maintenance or add improvements like pool lights or handrails? Although bonding and grounding tests by a qualified electrician must be repeated every five years, the state of New Jersey also requires a new inspection and certification whenever your facility makes changes or disrupts the pool’s bonding grid.

Bonding connects pool parts (ladders, handrails, pumps, heating systems, etc.) and establishes a closed network through which electricity travels. When electrical problems occur, bonding directs the stray current to the circuit breaker, which immediately shuts off the power.

Likewise, grounding directs wayward electrical current into the ground instead of the pool. It prevents the electrical current from diverting to people, which minimizes the risk of severe injury or death. Together, bonding and grounding establish an essential pool safety shield.

Which NJ Facilities Require Pool Bonding & Grounding Tests?

Local businesses in Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren Counties with pools requiring annual inspections and state bonding/grounding certifications include:

  • Spas, health clubs & gyms — YMCA, community swim clubs, country clubs, recreation centers
  • Schools & camps — Montessori schools, children’s day and overnight camps, secondary schools & college recreation programs
  • Apartment & condo complexes – seasonal or year-round water venues
  • Hospitality locales – hotels, motels & vacation homes
  • Water parks & summer tourist attractions

Boy looking at camera under water

Trusted Experts for Pool Grounding & Bonding Services

As NJ electrical experts for over 50 years, Maglio Electric provides professional, personalized service for year-round swimming pools and outdoor public pool facilities. New COVID-19 protocols have added even more regulations for pool operators to manage. When you entrust annual pool inspections or bonding and grounding certification to our seasoned team, we’ll help you stay in regulatory compliance by providing inspection reminders, document filing assistance and instructions for certification posting.

Count on our Hunterdon County electricians for comprehensive pool services that include:

  • Reliable pool bonding & grounding tests
  • Electrical inspection of pumps, wiring & lighting
  • Expert electrical installation at homes & businesses
  • Quick, dependable repairs that bring public pools into state & local compliance

To schedule your public pool, recreation center or hotel pool inspection, or to inquire about New Jersey bonding and grounding tests, call 908-735-6218 or connect online. To access additional pool safety information, visit our blog.

Your Electrical Safety Partner for Year-Round Pools & Recreation Facilities

Throughout spring and early summer every year, our Hunterdon County electricians visiting public swimming pools, water playgrounds and hotel spas to conduct grounding and bonding tests. The certification process not only keeps your facility compliant with the P.L. 1998, c. 137 supplement to the NJ State Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Act; it also secures patron safety and protects you from increased liability risk.

Additional Resources for Aquatic Venue Patrons & Pool Facility Managers

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