Reclaiming What’s Left of a Pandemic Summer

Reclaiming What’s Left of a Pandemic Summer

Posted: August 13, 2020

Healthy Ways to Enjoy This Uncertain Season

Temperatures are manageable, and New Jersey’s pandemic guidelines have finally loosened for businesses and residents. Sure, school is approaching, but there’s still time for summertime. Weary from lockdowns, quarantines and mask debates? Set aside the stress and check out these smart ways to wring the (safe) fun from remaining summer weeks.

You may have canceled that summer cruise, but you can still make great family memories. Between the nearby beaches, neighborhood playdates and outdoor pools or water parks, there are tons of ways you and the kids can blow off pandemic steam. In addition to observing COVID-19 protocols, check out the State of New Jersey’s Department of Children and Family recommendations for summertime safety before heading out to play.

Option 1: Hanging Close to Home

A staycation may not sound appealing after the quarantine, but it can be a blast if you’re willing to think outside the box. NJ waterparks and pools are a great option for a day in the sun—but remember to call the facility to check on hours and pandemic precautions. Other Hunterdon County staycation options: Plan a superhero-themed movie night. Have the kids don their Marvel or DC gear and order takeout fit for heroes. Groupon has great food deals, and meal delivery services like Postmates and Uber Eats run new customer promotions, too.Still have energy to burn after dinner? Ride bikes to a local ice cream or yogurt shop and fight the heat with some refreshing dessert.

Option 2: Hitting the Beach

Are you looking for something a bit farther from the porch? New Jersey beaches are open for business. Check out NJ State’s latest guidelines for beach safety. While standard precautions still apply to recreational areas like lakes and shore areas, being outside makes it easy to social distance and protect yourself and others. Stave off the last of summer’s heat—and stock up on vitamin D to power your immune system.

Option 3: Safe, Last-Minute Getaways

Vacations are less relaxing than they used to be, but if you choose to travel, check out the handy CDC travel guidelines before you launch a late-season trip. Proper planning can make the vacay safer—from hand sanitizing and mask protocols to planning routes for social-distanced fun.

Local health department regulations are another helpful resource. You’ll find specific COVID-19 guidelines, which vary by area for nonessential travel. Some places require you to self-quarantine after traveling, and others may prohibit traveling entirely. No matter what, avoid the travel bug until next season if you or someone in your family is compromised or has been sick recently. There’s no need to adopt a fear mentality, but taking precautions is always wise.

Make a Family Safety Plan

social distance beach people

No matter how you spend your summer, preparedness puts the family’s mind at ease. Keep pandemic panic at bay, whether you’re exploring your local community or heading out for a trip. Carry alcohol-based hand sanitizers when you leave the house and stock up on gloves and masks so you can meet COVID-19 guidelines and stay healthy.

Use social distancing whenever possible, and stick close to home if you’re under the weather.

Maglio Electric Helps You Create a Backyard Oasis

Staying close to home this summer isn’t just safe. It can save you tons of money! Consider putting those savings into a perfect backyard oasis, where you’ll enjoy New Jersey sunshine well into the fall. Backyard pools are also a great way to stay cool in the Jersey heat, and a great option when vacation fun is canceled.

If you installed a pool this summer, Maglio Electric provides safety inspections for your pool and landscape lighting grid. We can also add outdoor lighting that elevates ambiance and secures your pool area. Keeping your pool safe from electrical hazards is a Maglio Electric specialty! Bonding and grounding tests and home electrical maintenance are the best way to make sure pools and outdoor space are ready for the kids—and safe for neighborhood barbecues. Maglio Electric technicians have been servicing Hunterdon County for more than 50 years, and they’ll help you keep family and guests safe in the water.

Pool bonding and grounding ensure a safe electrical circuit (think pumps, lights and other pool components) and direct stray currents away from the water and into the ground. Up-to-date grounding and bonding tests are required for spas, recreation centers, water parks and other commercial aquatic installations, and our New Jersey electricians can also help protect your home pool from power surges and other electrical dangers.

Your summer sanctuary is a respite from the pandemic madness, so Maglio’s licensed electricians are also here to help with the repair and installation of landscape lighting, security lights, motion detectors and accent lighting. Contact our team at 908.735.6218 or connect online to stay safe at home this summer!

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