Caring for Your Smoke Detectors

Caring for Your Smoke Detectors

Installing smoke detectors is one of the simplest things you can do to protect your home from electrical fires. A smoke detector alerts you to the potential dangers stemming from faulty electrical wires, and can help lead your family to safety. Proper smoke detector care ensures that devices function properly when they are needed most. There is more to NJ smoke detector maintenance than just replacing the batteries, however. Remember these simple tips:

Proper Smoke Detector Placement

The first step to ensuring the safe functioning of your smoke detectors is making sure they are placed correctly in your home. Avoid placing units too close to a wall/ceiling intersection. Instead, place each detector at least six inches away from this meeting point. As per code, smoke detectors should also be placed at least three feet away from ceiling fans and HVAC vents. Your experienced NJ electrical team can assist you if you are unsure about the ideal placement of home smoke detectors.

Cleaning Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors, like anything in your home, accumulate dust over time. The buildup of debris can lead to one of two things: (1) the appliance could mistakenly interpret dust as smoke, or (2) the dirt could render the detector useless. Read the maintenance directions included with your detector to learn how to clean device sensors with a vacuum cleaner. In the event that you do not have a user guide for your smoke alerts, call a qualified New Jersey electrical contractor for cleaning and other safety tips.

Testing Smoke Detectors

Check smoke detector batteries on a monthly basis, and test each device’s sensor function using the “test” button. If your smoke detector does not beep when the “test” button is pressed, try inserting fresh batteries before enlisting the help of licensed NJ electrical service contractors.

Battery and Lamp Replacement

Finally, battery and lamp replacement is occasionally needed for some smoke detectors. Most homeowners only realize that their smoke detector batteries are dying when the device beeps sporadically. Instead of waiting for this to happen, be proactive and replace the batteries every year. Photoelectric smoke detectors, available at home improvement stores and through your New Jersey electrical contractor, require regular replacement of batteries and lamps, so refer to your manufacturer’s guide for recommendations.

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