Keep the Post-Holiday Blues at Bay

Keep the Post-Holiday Blues at Bay

If you spent the weekend taking down Christmas lights, recycling the tree and putting away holiday dishware, you may be breathing a sigh of relief and relishing the prospect of having nothing special to do. After a holiday season filled with visitors, activities and too much good food, many New Jersey residents are ready to put the festivities behind and settle back into a regular routine. For others, however, the holiday wind-down leaves a void. As the worst of winter weather sets in, life seems gray, too predictable and lonely. For our neighbors with the post-holiday blues, here are some suggestions for ringing in the New Year on a high note.

Add Holiday Magic to Everyday Life

The holiday season condenses special events, social gatherings, extravagant meals, opportunities for goodwill and fond memories into an extended blur of activities that leaves January feeling desolate. It’s normal to experience a letdown after so much sensory and emotional indulgence, but if you find yourself fighting off the blues when January arrives, make a checklist of what you enjoyed most during your holiday break. Then, follow these six tips to add some spice to life throughout the year.

  • Stay in touch. The holidays are a time to renew old relationships and make new friends, but you can also keep your social connections active throughout the year. Stay in touch through social media. Plan to have coffee once a month or meet up at the gym. Host a dinner or attend a play if you enjoy more formal gatherings.
  • Stay active. Physical activity eases anxiety, improves mood and lends a sense of well-being. Join a yoga class, weekend hiking group or gym. You’ll meet new people and enhance your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Eat well and interestingly. Holiday food tastes good but isn’t always healthy. Get back on a balanced diet to restore your energy. If you’re a foodie, indulge once a month in dinner at a special restaurant or join a cooking class to spice up your menu, year-round.
  • Keep giving. After December, charities still need volunteers. Winter is a particularly busy season for homeless shelters and food banks. If you enjoy helping others, keep at it. Volunteering and sharing your resources keeps you active and involved.
  • Redecorate. Christmas décor is not the only way to express your creativity. Rearrange your furniture, change paint colors or add accent lighting. Plan decorations for Valentine’s Day or Easter, or get a jumpstart on thinking about spring landscape changes.
  • Pamper yourself. Take time for self-care every week, scheduling something you enjoy. If you like decorating and dressing up for the holidays, plan a dinner party or occasion every month. A day at the spa, shopping and a night out can add the same excitement year-round.

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